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Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einem zuverlässigen und effizienten? Wasserfüllmaschine mit Fässern? Dann sind Sie bei FLSM genau richtig! Als führender Verpackungsmaschinenlieferant aus China sind wir auf die Beschaffung und Lieferung hochwertiger Ausrüstung für die Wasserindustrie spezialisiert. Unsere Fasswasserabfüllmaschinen sind auf die spezifischen Anforderungen Ihres Unternehmens zugeschnitten und sorgen für einen reibungslosen Betrieb und optimale Produktivität.

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Geeignet für 3–5 Gallonen Wasser, Wein, Essig und die Herstellung von Medikamenten.

Integriert das Wissen über Trinkwasserausrüstung aus Übersee.

Angereichert mit unserer nationalen Tradition für optimale Ergebnisse.

Volle Funktion, geringer Energieverbrauch, schnelle, hohe Rendite.

Erzielen Sie mit minimalen Investitionen höhere und schnellere Renditen.

Verwendet die Top-Marken SIEMENS und OMRON für elektrische Elemente.

Verwendet AIRTAC-Produkte für überlegene pneumatische Leistung.

  • Ungefährer Preis für eine Fasswasserfüllmaschine

Die Marktpreisspanne für eine Fasswasserfüllmaschine, insbesondere für 5-Gallonen-Wasserflaschen, kann erheblich variieren. Der Preis hängt hauptsächlich von der Produktionskapazität, dem Automatisierungsgrad und den spezifischen Funktionen ab.

Am unteren Ende können die Preise bei etwa $4.500 pro Set beginnen. Maschinen mit erweiterten Funktionen und höherer Produktionskapazität können jedoch deutlich mehr kosten. Zum Beispiel ein 5-Gallonen-Gefäß Abfüll- und Abfüllproduktionslinie kann zwischen \$28.000 und \$30.000 liegen.

Die Mittelklasse-Optionen reichen von etwa $10.000 bis $70.000 pro Stück. Diese gleichen in der Regel Funktionalität und Kosten aus und eignen sich daher für verschiedene Anwendungen.

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Modell (QGF)150300450600900
Produktionskapazität (BPH)150 BPH300 BPH450 BPH600 BPH900 BPH
StromversorgungHauptmotor5,3 kW5,3 kW8 kW10,6 kW15,9 kW
Heizung6 kW6 kW6 kW6 kW9 kW
DruckluftLuftdruck0,4–0,6 MPa0,4–0,6 MPa0,4–0,6 MPa0,4–0,6 MPa0,4–0,6 MPa
Verbrauch0,18 m3/min0,18 m3/min0,5m3/min0,8 m3/min1,2 m3/min
AlkalilaugeInnenwäsche18s ×118s×118s ×218s ×218s ×2
Wasser recycelnInnenspülung18s ×218s ×218s ×118s ×118s ×1
Draußen waschen18s ×118s ×118s ×118s ×118s ×1
Sterilisierte FlüssigkeitInnenspülung18s ×218s ×218s ×218s ×418s ×4
Reines WasserInnenspülung18s ×218s ×218s ×218s ×218s ×2
Reinwasserverbrauch zum Spülen800 l/h1500 l/h2800 l/h5000 l/h9000 l/h
Abmessung (MM)4000×700×17004700×1680×17005700×2150×17505700×2500×17506430×2420×2100


  • Energie sparen. Hocheffizient. Anpassung an das Fabriklayout des Kunden
  • Spezielles Schmiersystem, hält die Produkte sauber, Gesundheit und Sicherheit
  • Verlängerte Lebensdauer
  • Das Design der elektrischen Augen sorgt dafür, dass die gesamte Linie sicher und schnell läuft
  • Überlastschutzmechanismus zur wirksamen Gewährleistung der Sicherheit der Maschine
Etikettieren und Verpacken von Flaschen
Etikettieren und Verpacken von Flaschen

Etikettieren und Verpacken von Flaschen

Je nach Kundenwunsch und Marktnachfrage bieten wir die bessere Lösung für das Endproduktpaket. Wir haben verschiedene Arten von Optionen. Die Etikettiermaschine verfügt über ein PVC-Hüllenetikett, ein BOPP-Heißklebeetikett, ein Klebeetikett, ein Nassklebeetikett und die Verpackungsmaschine verfügt über eine Folienschrumpfmaschine und eine Kartonverpackung.

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Obtain The Authoritative Manual For Barreled Water Filling Machines!

Do you sell clean, tasty water for a living? Here is the solution. In this guide, FLSM will introduce you to the best of the best in barreled water filling machinery. Our information-crammed technical guide will walk you through our cutting-edge machines’ features and advantages. Our engines are simply the best; they possess unbeatable efficiency and reliability, attractive designs, and superior technology.


There is no doubt that when we talk about water bottling, a barreled water-filling machine is an essential component, especially a 5-gallon water bottle-filling machine variant of it. This machine demonstrates advancement in technology within the water bottling industry due to its speed, efficiency, and reliability. The streamlined process of filling 5-gallon drinking bottles, all while ensuring their purity during this very critical stage, can only be achieved using this instrumentality. We shall look at various parts of these 5-gallon bottles to explore how they operate so that one may know why it is essential to be considered as a complete part of any bottled-water production process.

Was ist eine Wasserfüllmaschine?

A specialized piece of equipment known as a water-filling machine has been designed for accurately putting water in containers like bottles or drums. It preserves the quality of the fluid while maintaining precision and speed, thereby greatly enhancing productivity.

Bedeutung von Wasserfüllmaschinen

Bottle-filling machinery such as those used for 5-gallon sizes can be considered crucial assets for bottlers. They form an integral part of the manufacturing process by facilitating low-cost packaging solutions for business people involved in such kind activities like mine at home or abroad without any trouble at all whatsoever because there are minimal chances if ever anything goes wrong wrongfully happen somewhere along the line … These machines are also very flexible since many different types have adjustable settings meant fit whatever one’s needs might be in terms of volume and size containers used. Investing in a solid and dependable water-filling machine such as a 5-gallon water bottling machine would positively impact both the output volumes, quality of products manufactured, and efficiency levels at your company.

The Basics Of Water-Filling Machines

Water is dispensed into the container through filling heads. Depending on the bottled product, municipal supplies or purified systems are some examples of water sources. This filling process can be combined with multiple operations, including capping and labeling, to form a complete bottling line.

Die verschiedenen Arten von Wasserfüllmaschinen

Water-filling machines come in different types depending on the type of container and the amount being filled. For example, a barreled water-filling machine is suitable for filling barrels and drums, while the 5-gallon bottle filler is used when large containers are filled. Carbonated drinks call for pressure fillers, whereas gravity fillers are excellent options for non-carbonated ones.

Komponenten einer Wasserfüllmaschine

A typical water-filling machine consists of various vital components in its operation. The part which ultimately fills up the bottles with water is called as the Filling Head. The Conveyor System transports containers to filler heads; the Control System manages their operation; other parts include the Capping Mechanism (which caps lids), the Labeling Unit applying labels onto bottles alongside the Quality Control System checking filled containers against defects, among other things this may detect problems associated with filling lines’ performance.

Advantages Of Using Barreled Water Filling Machines

Numerous advantages accrue from using barreled water-filling machines, making them indispensable for high-volume water bottling activities around you daily.

Generous Production Capacity

One of the most remarkable features of these machines is their high production capacity. These machines are specifically designed to fill huge containers like 5-gallon water bottles, thus allowing them to fill many barrels within no time. This, in turn, increases the output directly, hence making the machines very important components of large-scale, efficient water bottling operations.

Effizienter und genauer Abfüllprozess

Also, barreled water-filling machines are famous for their accuracy and efficiency. The automated filling process removes room for human mistakes, ensuring each barrel is filled strictly by its supposed level. This prevents wastage and ensures consistent product quality.

Hygienische und sichere Verpackung

Lastly, barreled water-filling machines promote a hygienic and safe packaging process. The ability to be easily cleaned and sanitized has been incorporated into the machine’s design, reducing the risks of contamination. Furthermore, the filling process does not involve any contact, hence enhancing better hygiene conditions that are needed in this sector. Consequently, they play an important role in preserving the safety and integrity of bottled water so that it reaches customers in good condition.

Choosing The Right Barreled Water Filling Machine

The choice of your barreled water-filling machine is crucial for your bottling operation’s overall efficiency and profitability. Prioritize your decision on several matters.

Überlegungen zu 5-Gallonen-Wasserfüllmaschinen

When considering a 5-gallon water bottle-filling machine, carefully analyze its capabilities. An increase in capacity will significantly affect the rate at which you produce or how effectively you do it. Another crucial factor is how efficient or sanitary the machine is since this goes directly to aspects such as quality and safety associated with bottled water.

Faktoren, auf die Sie bei automatischen 5-Gallonen-Abfüllmaschinen achten sollten

Besides production capacity and ease while sanitizing, one should consider how automatic a 5-gallon filling system can become. Where there is a high level of automation, there will be reduced labor costs. You also need to look at the machine, the quality of the materials used in its construction, and the reliability of the control system, which affects how long it stays functional and your downtime.

Hauptmerkmale von Flaschenwasser-Abfüllmaschinen

Among the most important features of water bottle-filling machines are precise filling ability, fast changeover time, and user-friendly interfaces. For every bottle filled in it, the device should fill each one up to an accurate predetermined level to ensure product quality while minimizing waste. Quick changeover times enhance flexibility in operations, while a user-friendly interface facilitates operation efficiency by allowing easy monitoring and control of the filling process.

Setting Up A Barreled Water Production Line

When establishing a barreled water production line, proper planning is required to ensure smooth operations and high productivity. The first thing to do is determine space requirements based on the size and layout of the production area. Then choose the best 5-gallon water bottling machine for your manufacturing specifications to attain good production capacity, ease maintenance as well as get sanitation features since you can save labor costs through a highly automated line.

Entwerfen Ihrer Wasserproduktionslinie

Planning your water production line entails a careful consideration of workflow from raw water treatment up to finished product packaging. The design must prioritize efficiency despite considering safety measures and even quality checks. And then, the equipment layout has been meant so that nothing obstructs the free flow of products from source to destination, avoiding any kind of congestion or bottleneck that can bring about disruptions during operations.

Grundlegende Ausrüstung für eine Wasserproduktionslinie

Other essential equipment for a water production line includes a five-gallon capacity water bottle filling machine, the water treatment system, bottle blowing machines, bottle washing machines, and cap sterilizers. Each of these pieces of machinery is indispensable in ensuring that the final product is fit for consumption and meets regulatory requirements.

Optimierung der Produktionseffizienz

This involves regular machine maintenance, training workers on how to use them safely, and reviewing and improving production processes. Automated 5-gallon water bottling machines with precision fillings, fast changeover times, and user-friendly interfaces can greatly enhance production efficiency while reducing waste and downtime, thus leading to higher profitability.

Maintaining And Troubleshooting Barreled Water Filling Machines

It is important to carry out regular maintenance checks on your barreled water filling machine for it to last long and operate at its best. These procedures involve cleaning after every use so as not to contaminate the content, checking all movable parts regularly to identify any wearing signs, and lubricating mechanical components with oil to reduce friction and ensure smooth operations.

Regelmäßige Wartungspraktiken

Design a maintenance timetable to help you identify minor problems before they worsen. This should comprise inspecting all moving parts, including electrical ones, for any signs of wear or breakages, looking at pressure or temperature settings, and establishing whether seals are intact, among others. Even though carrying out such tasks requires skills from a professional like maintaining this 5-gallon bottle-filling machine may cut down time wasted, and increase total output, thereby making product quality consistent always.

Beheben häufiger Probleme

Nonetheless, some troubleshooting may be required even with regular servicing. These include inconsistent fill levels, slow fill rates, and leaks in 5-gallon water bottling machines. Different fill levels can be adjusted by tuning the machine’s calibration device, while low-filled bottles could require deep component cleaning or replacement of worn-out parts. Seals or valves are the main causes of leaks that may arise, leading to product wastage and diminished quality control.

Sicherstellung der Produktqualitätskontrolle

Quality control is vital in this industry. Therefore, a comprehensive quality control plan would require regular testing of the water source, monitoring the sterilization process, and ensuring efficient operation of the 5-gallon water bottling machine. Automatic features in modern filling machines can achieve consistent fill levels, correct cap placement, and accurate label applications. Regular equipment checks and calibration are essential for maintaining the production standard and conforming to regulatory requirements on the final product.

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Häufig gestellte Fragen

Q: What Is A Barreled Water-Filling Machine?

A: A bottling machine for barreled water is a type of machine utilized in the manufacture of 5-gallon bottled water and is made to load and cap the bottles with drinking water automatically.

Q: What Are The Main Features Of A 5-gallon Water-Filling Machine?

A: It also has a huge production capacity that allows handling large volumes of water. Such machines have automatic bottle washing, filling, and capping functions.


Q: How Does A Bottled Water Filling Machine Work?

A: This machine first rinses bottles to ensure their cleanliness. Subsequently, the device fills them with drinking water and caps them to prevent leakage.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Gallon Bottle Water Filling Machine And A 5-gallon Bottle Water Filling Machine?

A: There is a difference between a gallon bottle-filling machine and a five-gallon bottle-filling machine based on the sizes of the bottles each can handle. For instance, a gallon bottle water filling machine suits smaller bottles, mostly less than one gallon in size. On the other hand, a five-gallon bottle water filling machine is used for handling bigger 5-gallon bottles commonly found in water dispensers.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Pure And Mineral Water In The Context Of 5-Gallon Bottle Filling?

A: Pure water and mineral water are both types of drinking water; one major difference between them lies in their mineral contents. Pure water undergoes a purification process to remove all impurities, including minerals, while mineral water contains naturally occurring minerals that are good for human health.


Q: What Is An Automatic 5-gallon Water-Filling Machine?

A: In conclusion, an automatic 5-gallon water-filling machine automatically seals a bottle (including washing, filling, and capping), eliminating the need for manual labor and hence improving efficiency.

Q: What Is A 5-gallon Barreled Water Production Line?

A: The 5-gallon bottled water production line involves a series of machines or equipment arranged in a particular order to facilitate an efficient process of manufacturing 5-gallon barreled water. Usually, it includes bottle washing, filling, capping, labeling, and packaging machines.


Q: Where Can I Find My Business's Water Bottle-Filling Machine?

A: Some suppliers of industrial equipment specialize in selling them while others are available from such sources as Alibaba.com, among other online marketplaces, or by contacting manufacturers directly.

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