Máquina etiquetadora de mangas retráctiles de PVC

¡Actualice su embalaje con nuestra máquina etiquetadora de mangas retráctiles de PVC!

¿Está buscando llevar el empaque de su producto al siguiente nivel? ¡No busque más! FLSM se complace en ofrecerle nuestra mejor calidad Máquina etiquetadora de mangas retráctiles de PVC procedente directamente de China. Esta máquina está diseñada para aplicar sin esfuerzo fundas retráctiles a sus productos, brindando una apariencia elegante y profesional que llamará la atención de sus clientes.

  • ¿Por qué elegir la máquina etiquetadora de mangas retráctiles de FLSM?

A Máquina etiquetadora de mangas retráctiles de PVC es un dispositivo que aplica etiquetas de cloruro de polivinilo (PVC) sensibles al calor a contenedores encogiéndolos para que encajen perfectamente.

Aspectos destacados funcionales

Construida con un ánodo robusto de aleación de aluminio y acero inoxidable 304, la máquina garantiza una larga vida útil.

Un diseño modular centrado en el ser humano permite una operación de alta velocidad y un fácil reemplazo de piezas.

El circuito de control utiliza una interfaz hombre-máquina para un rápido aprendizaje y comprensión.

El diseño de circuito avanzado impulsa esta máquina a velocidades estándar internacionales.

Un nuevo diseño mejora la precisión del corte de etiquetas y la velocidad de producción.

Se proporciona orientación completa sobre el funcionamiento mecánico.

Máquina etiquetadora de mangas retráctiles de PVC
Máquina etiquetadora de mangas retráctiles de PVC

Producto Ámbito de aplicación

  1. Botellas de agua
  2. botellas de bebidas
  3. Lata de aluminio
  4. lata de mascota
  5. lata
  6. Botella de vidrio y tarro
  7. Botellas Cosméticas
Precio aproximado de la máquina etiquetadora de mangas retráctiles
  • Precio aproximado de la máquina etiquetadora de mangas retráctiles

El precio de mercado de las máquinas etiquetadoras de manga retráctil puede variar considerablemente según varios factores, incluidas las capacidades, la marca y el estado de la máquina (nueva o usada). Según la información disponible, los nuevos dispositivos pueden oscilar entre aproximadamente US$ 13.500 a US$ 16.500 por juego, como se encuentra en made-in-china.com. Por otro lado, es posible que haya máquinas usadas disponibles a precios más bajos, como sugiere bid-on-equipment.com.

Accesorios adicionales como el accesorio de cabezal de vapor con banda retráctil también están disponibles por separado, con un precio de alrededor de US$ 490. Se proyecta que el mercado mundial de equipos de etiquetado con funda retráctil alcanzará los US$ 14,2 mil millones en 2023. Además, se espera que el mercado de aplicadores de etiquetas con funda retráctil alcance US$ 1949.6 Millones a una CAGR de 5,3% de 2023 a 2033.

Etiquetadoras automáticas de fundas de PVC
en venta

El aplicador automático de fundas retráctiles atiende a diversos sectores, incluidos los de salud, cosmética y bebidas.

Con las máquinas enfundadoras de etiquetas retráctiles en serie, se agilizan el control, los cambios de etiquetas y el mantenimiento.

Un alto grado de automatización garantiza un funcionamiento eficiente.

La precisión de ubicación excepcional ahorra costos y garantiza un etiquetado correcto.

Se adapta a varias formas de botellas: redondas, cuadradas, etc.

Un ajuste del rango de película de 3 a 10.

Pantalla LCD para una fácil interacción hombre-máquina.

El control Magic Eye garantiza la alimentación automática del material.

Sistema de control PLC integrado para un rendimiento óptimo.

Facilita la película de manga de alta velocidad dentro del rango de 100 a 600°C.

Sistema de transporte de tornillos para un posicionamiento preciso.

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Get The Ultimate Guide To Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines!

If you operate in the packaging industry and want your label game to be on another level, try this! FLSM is proud to give you a comprehensive guide on shrink-sleeve labeling machines. With all the knowledge and insights it will equip you with, this detailed guide will help you learn more about shrink-sleeve labeling machines’ capabilities and advantages.


Sleeve Labels: What Are They?

These are labels that get shrunk to fit onto a container or product, offering full 360-degree coverage. Usually made of PVC, these labels may be applied using a Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine or a Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine. The label can either come in roll form or single format, which is placed over the container and then passed through a heat tunnel where it shrinks and sticks to the contours of the container.


Advantages Of Sleeve Labels

The benefits of sleeve labels are many. First, their ability to wrap around an entire circumference ensures that there is enough space for branding and other details of products, making them very effective for marketing. They are also highly adaptable since they can be used on containers of almost any shape or size, thus enhancing product aesthetics and customer attraction. Finally, such labels made from PVC ensure that resilience against weather variations and moisture does not affect its appearance during its lifetime.


Comprensión de las máquinas etiquetadoras de manga retráctil

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines, otherwise known as Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machines, play crucial roles in the packaging industry. These machines are designed specifically to apply heat-sensitive shrinks onto containers, thereby forming seamless connections between bottles and attractive covers.


¿Cómo funcionan las máquinas etiquetadoras de manga retráctil?

A shrink sleeve labeling machine works by following some simple but complex steps throughout this process. Firstly, it takes off the shrink sleeve label roll while opening up its seams so that it becomes like a tube, after which it cuts the labels to their right lengths. The brand is then slid over the container or product. When the label is in place, the product passes through a heat tunnel. Consequently, exposure to heat causes the title to shrink around or ‘shrink’ onto the container, hence achieving a tight 360° fit. This results in a more appealing container with further details about the item on sale.


Tipos de máquinas etiquetadoras de manga retráctil

Various types of shrink-sleeve labeling machines cater to different labeling requirements. Among them is the PVC Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine, which is commonly used due to its high speed, accuracy, and durability. This machine is typically for industries with large-scale labeling needs. Another one is the manual Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine, which is preferred for small-scale operations because it’s cheap in terms of maintenance cost. Lastly, the electric heat tunnel type guarantees accurate and uniform distribution of heat, making sure containers have perfectly shrunk labels.


Benefits Of Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines


Embalaje y marca mejorados

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines offer numerous advantages that enhance product packaging and branding as well. It has been designed in such a way that you can put any design elements on 360 degrees so as to increase the shelf appeal of your product significantly. In this space, brands can use bright high high-definition graphics and detailed information about their products, which help customers identify them better, leading to improved brand visibility.


Seguridad y evidencia de manipulación

Another way that shrink-sleeve labels ensure security is by being tamper-evident. Moreover, if someone tries to tear off the label, it will be easily noticed, which adds another level of protection against tampering while ensuring product quality. This function is essential in sectors like pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages, where product safety is paramount.


Packaging Systems Integration

Additionally, Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines can smoothly blend with existing packaging systems to facilitate productive procedures. They are multifunctional and suit containers with different shapes and sizes; this makes them relevant to several sectors.


Machine Systems Integration

Another major advantage is integration with machine systems. Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines easily fit into automated production lines, allowing for increased efficiency and reduced labor costs.


Accessories Compatibility

Lastly, these machines work well with other things, such as perforation units, cap sealers, and heat tunnels, which allow customization for particular labeling needs. Therefore, Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines offer an effective solution for product labeling and packaging requirements in an efficient and versatile manner.


Choosing The Right Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Selecting the right Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine necessitates careful deliberation. Assess your present and prospective operational needs relating to speed of production, labeling specifications, and the nature of the products you are labeling. It should be efficient, reliable, and able to meet your production demands.


Consideraciones para la aplicación de etiquetas

The success of your shrink-sleeve labeling largely depends on how well the labels adhere to the product containers. Thus, it is crucial to consider the labeled materials type and ensure that it suits the job. Finally, consider the shape of your product: complex conditions may require more advanced sleeve applicators for a perfect fit.


Seleccionar el tipo de máquina correcto

When choosing a suitable machine type, one should consider what kind of shrink-sleeve label will be used. PVC Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machines are famous for being capable of handling different types of labels. Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machines, on the other hand, are suitable for high-speed labeling in busy productions.


Opciones de empalme y funda parcial

Partial sleeving is a cost-effective solution for products that do not require full coverage. It allows for strategic placement of labels to highlight critical product information. On the other hand, splicing options allow the machine to function continuously by automatically joining the end of one roll with another’s start, hence minimizing delays and enhancing output. If you need to label, then you should consider purchasing a machine that offers these options.


Typical Applications Of Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines

  1. Beverage Industry: In the beverage industry, Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines (SSLMs) are used to label water bottles and soft drink cans with visually appealing and long-lasting brand graphics and nutritional information.
  2. Pharmaceutical Sector: In the pharmaceutical sector, SSLMs provide clear, tamper-evident labels on medicine bottles, vial containers, and other health products. These labels contain important details such as dosage, active ingredients, or expiry dates.
  3. Cosmetics & Personal Care: Skincare jars and shampoo bottles benefit from superb waterproof labeling solutions like SSLMs, which can endure challenging bathroom environments but still look pretty.
  4. Food Industry: SSLMs are needed for canned goods, condiment bottles, snack packaging, and other food products. Their full-color 360-degree coverage ensures product visibility from any direction inside a supermarket.
  5. Chemical Products: SSLMs are also used to label cleaning solutions, detergents, and industrial chemicals. Many elements resist labels, which makes them durable and readable even in difficult conditions.
  6. Wine & Spirits: Shrink sleeves are used to put sophisticated, high-quality labels on bottles for the wine and spirits industry. These particular labels can survive refrigeration and moisture throughout various storage conditions without spoiling their outlook or feel.


Contact Us For Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines

Our state-of-the-art Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines cater to the needs of businesses ranging from beverage companies to the pharmaceutical industry, the personal care sector to the food industry, chemical producers to wine and spirits firms. That is why we have made it our duty as a company to offer you long-lasting, efficient, and premium label application solutions.

You can contact us today for more details or to get a personalized quote. We will gladly help you choose your ideal Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Q: What Is A Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machine?

A: A shrink-sleeve labeling machine is machinery employed in the packaging industry to attach shrink-sleeve labels to different containers such as bottles, cans, jars, etc. These machines put full-body sleeves that can be shrunk onto the container by subjecting them to heat or steam.

Q: What Are The Main Components Of A Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machine?

A: The main parts of a shrink sleeve labeling machine include an applicator at one end, followed by a tunnel and conveyor at the other end, respectively. The applicator correctly positions the shrink sleeve label onto the container. The tunnel then uses a heating or steaming approach to reduce the size of this element so it tightly fits its shape when wrapped around it. Finally, all these labeled containers pass along the conveyor system before reaching their following stages of production.

Q: How Does A Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machine Work?

A: The shrink sleeve labeling machine feeds the shrink sleeve labels from a roll into the applicator, where they are cut and placed onto the containers. Then, the tunnel applies heat or steam to shrink the sleeve onto the container, thereby sealing it in place. Once complete, these labeled and shrink-wrapped products are sent out for further processing in any other section of packaging.

Q: What Types Of Containers Can Be Labeled Using A Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machine?

A: Different types of containers can be labeled using this kind of machinery, including bottles, cans, jars, and others. These adaptable machines can serve various packaging models commonly used within this area.

Q: What Industries Can Benefit From Using A Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machine?

A: Different sectors would benefit from having a device like a shrink-sleeve labeling machine. These include the food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical companies, and cosmetics producers, among many others. This is because there is much versatility in terms of product type for which label application using shrink sleeves is suitable.

Q: Are Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machines Suitable For High-Speed Labeling?

A: Absolutely! It has to be noted that such machines as Sleeve Seal’s high-speed tunnel offer the fastest labeling services available on the market today. Depending on their model and specifications, these models have been developed to process huge numbers of containers every minute, thus boosting overall productivity during packaging line execution.

Q: Can Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machines Apply Tamper-Evident Labels?

A: Yes, there are tamper-evident labels that shrink-sleeve labeling machines can apply. Shrink labels break once anyone tries opening their seal, showing simple proof of tampering with what was inside it visually. In addition to being the perfect labeling machine to be used, shrink-sleeve labeling machines can include tamper-evident capability.

Q: What Are The Advantages Of Using A Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machine?

A: The benefits of using a shrink-sleeve labeling machine include the application of full-body sleeves, which offer 360-degree branding opportunities. These appliances give flexibility to various shapes and sizes of containers and have high-speed labeling capabilities. Also, shrink sleeves improve packaging aesthetics and tamper-evident features.

Q: Are There Different Types Of Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machines Available?

A: To cater to different industries and packaging needs, there are different types of shrink-sleeve labeling machines available. Some are automatic, while others require manual handling. The types of heat or steam tunnels also vary.

Q: How Compact Are Shrink-Sleeve Labeling Machines?

A: The intention behind making shrink-sleeve labeling machines is to make them compact and space-saving. They usually fit comfortably within a packaging line without taking up much floor space. They could be different sizes, though; the size varies with the model and manufacturer.

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