Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

Upgrade Your Labeling Process with our Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine from China

Want to streamline your labeling process and save time and effort? Look no further than FLSM’s Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine from China. Designed with advanced technology and precision, this machine will revolutionize your packaging line. Our experts have scoured the market to find the perfect device for your needs, and we’re excited to offer it to you at an unbeatable price.

  • Why Choose FLSM's Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine?

The Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine is a high-tech device that accurately applies labels to various product types, utilizing advanced micro-stepping-driven applicators.

Functional Highlights

Over-sized aluminum and stainless steel frame components ensure years of reliable service.

Precise product spacing and orientation, compatible with stand-alone or in-line operations.

Micro-stepping driven for accurately applying various label materials.

Capable of front/back panel labeling on round, square, oval, or rectangular containers.

Opp Hot Melt Labeling Machine

Product Scope of application

This machine accurately places labels for still or sparkling water.

The machine ensures precise labeling from soda to juice bottles.

Commonly used for beverages like beer or soda, these cans can be labeled easily.

PET, or Polyethylene Terephthalate cans, often used for food and drink packaging, are also compatible with this machine.

A staple in canned goods, tin cans can be effectively labeled using this device.

Glass containers of all shapes and sizes can be labeled from mason jars to wine bottles.

The machine is delicate enough to label even small decorative bottles, making it a versatile tool.

Approximate price of Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine
  • Approximate price of Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

Based on my research, the market price range for Automatic Sticker Labeling Machines can vary significantly depending on the model, capabilities, and brand. Prices can start as low as $356 for a semi-automatic machine (source: Alibaba) to over $3173 for a high-end, fully automatic model (source: Made in China).


Additionally, more specific models like the Automatic Horizontal Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine are priced at around Rs 265,000 (source: IndiaMart), and other automatic sticker labeling machines can be found around Rs 240,000 (source: IndiaMart).

It’s important to note that these prices are subject to change based on factors like demand, technological advancements, and market conditions. The Automatic Labeling Machine Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.4% from 2021 to 2030 (source: Verified Market Research), indicating a steady increase in these prices moving forward.

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Label feeder mechanism

304# stainless steel, magnesium aluminum alloy, nylon, emery label pulling roller, composite rubber-coated rubber roller, etc.

Elevating mechanism of label feeder

304# stainless steel, magnesium aluminum alloy, brass, nylon handwheel, etc.

Conveyor belt components

304# stainless steel, magnesium aluminum alloy, nylon bracket, etc.

Distribution box

304# stainless steel, magnesium aluminum alloy, etc.

Positioning labeling mechanism


304# stainless steel, magnesium aluminum alloy, hard grid optical axis, composite rubber-coated rubber wheel, aluminum alloy handwheel

Chuck bottle feeding mechanism

304# stainless steel, magnesium aluminum alloy, hard grid optical shaft, aluminum alloy handwheel, nylon wheel, acrylic, etc.

Angle adjustment seat

304# stainless steel, magnesium aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy handwheel

Programmable Logic Controller PLC

Germany Siemens Siemens / Japan Panasonic Panasonic


Germany Siemens Siemens / Japan Panasonic Panasonic

Measuring sensor

German Leuze Leuze / Japanese Panasonic

Label sensor

German Leuze Leuze/Germany Sick

Reset sensor


7-inch man-machine interface

Flexem/Germany Siemens

24V switching power supply

Taiwan Meanwell Meanwell

70V switching power supply

Taiwan Meanwell Meanwell

Motors and drivers for bidding

Jemeikang hybrid closed-loop stepper motor and its driver Just motion

Chuck bottle feeding motor and driver

Jemeikang hybrid closed-loop stepper motor and its driver Just motion

Conveying motor

Taiwan Oubang micro motor and reducer

Label motor

Taiwan Oubang micro motor and reducer

Other low-voltage electrical appliances

imported brands/domestic brands

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Grab The Definitive Manual For Automatic Sticker Labeling Machines!

In this manual, you will learn how to operate sticker labeling machines automatically. The book briefly overviews the advantages and features of the different types of these machines in the market. It also includes expert tips and best practices that help users achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy during their operations.


Introduction To Labeling Machines

The packaging industry has dramatically improved through automatic sticker labeling machines with enhanced productivity and precision. These machines are designed to stick labels on various product containers with high accuracy swiftly. On top of handling bottles with great difficulty in the manual labeling process, they can also be used to apply labels on such items quickly by utilizing an automatic bottle sticker labeling machine. This not only improves efficiency but also makes label positioning uniform, thus improving the aesthetics of products. This guide explains everything about these devices, including their function, benefits, and essential factors to consider when buying one.


What Is A Labeling Machine?

It is a device used in packaging to attach labels on many different products, packages, containers, etc. It can put correctly sized and shaped labels onto any type of surface.


Types Of Labeling Machines

Labeling machines come in various types according to specific needs in label applications. These include: Automatic Sticker Labeling Machines, which are commonly used because they are fast and accurate; Bottle Sticker Labeling Machines, which are meant particularly for cylindrical objects like bottles; and semi-automatic labeling machines, which can be controlled by man. Others require total automation, especially in businesses that are not yet ready for that level.


Benefits Of Automatic Sticker Labeling Machines

  • High Precision: These have advanced micro-stepping motor control technology, ensuring accurate label placement on products and reducing errors and wastage.
  • Versatility: They can handle any kind of stuff, from bottled water to tin cans, making them very flexible for use in different industries.
  • Efficiency: They have a high labeling speed, outperforming the manual system in productivity and optimizing production timelines.
  • Ease Of Operation**: Most of them are also equipped with user-friendly interfaces and automatic adjustments** that require little operator intervention, thus simplifying the work of labeling.
  • Cost-Effective: Although they are expensive at first, these machines save companies money in the long term as labor costs go down, label waste is reduced, and overall operations become more efficient.


Features To Consider In Labeling Machines

One should look for various factors in an Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine. Some of them include:

  • Labeling Speed: This is important, especially if you run a large business. The speed at which labels are being put can affect the general production timeline. Therefore, choosing a machine that maintains high-speed labeling without compromising accuracy is crucial.
  • Labeling Accuracy: Proper sticker placement on products requires precision. Stickers that do not align or stick poorly can greatly affect a product’s appearance. This kind of equipment usually has good precision due to its enhanced control technology, but it is still necessary to check if it really does.
  • Types of Label Applicators: The product’s shape and label type will determine the kind of label applicator to be used. For example, flat surfaces are best labeled with tamping applicators, while wrap-around applicators are more effective for round containers like bottles. Ensure you select an appropriate applicator by considering the products you are labeling.


Choose the Perfect Labeling Machine According To Your Specific Needs

Therefore, choosing the suitable Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine is about understanding your specific needs and then aligning them with various options available from various manufacturers in the market. Some key considerations include:

  • Production Volume: If one engages in large-scale operations, high-speed labeling machines are required. Smaller businesses may require more affordable choices that provide moderate speeds.
  • Product Variety: Different products have different label applicators. Determining the types of products you handle will help you choose a machine with an accurate and efficient labeling design.
  • Budget: Although Automatic Sticker Labeling Machines eventually prove cost-effective, they usually entail significant upfront costs. Therefore, it is important to balance your budget and requirements while selecting one.


Famous Brands and Models of Automatic Sticker Labeling Machines

After researching top brands and models of various labeling machines, we have come up with five that stand out in the market:

Herma Labeling Machines: Herma offers several automatic labelers catering to diverse labeling needs. Some of the most notable models include 362E (side), 152E (wraparound), and 452E (top) (Source: Herma).

Accutek Packaging Equipment: Accutek makes different types of labeling machinery equipped with automated systems that apply and secure almost all kinds of labels onto varying containers (Source: Accutek Packaging).

CTM Labeling Systems: CTM produces high-quality, high-speed label applicators, printer/applicators, and automated labeling systems for use in various industrial applications (Source: PMMI ProSource Directory).

Adinath Pharma Machines: Adinath’s Top Labeling Machine labels bottles, jars, cans, tins, and other containers. This model has a simple mechanism and a linear design (Source: Adinath Pharma Machines).

Neostarpack Co., Ltd.: Neostarpack’s LT3000 automatic top labeling machine can be used in different sectors, such as bags, boxes, bottles, and other products required by various industries (Source: Neostarpack).

These brands and models are valued for their innovative features, reliability, and performance in many industries.


Machine Videos & Demonstrations

Before buying one, it is wise to watch videos or demonstrations showing the machines at work doing actual jobs. These will enable you to see how the machine works and its suitability for your specific purpose. Most leading brands have comprehensive video demonstrations on their websites or YouTube channels that can be invaluable resources during your selection process.

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Working with the automatic sticker labeling machine

Operating an automatic sticker labeling machine involves several steps, such as setting up the machine, loading labels into it, modifying the parameters, and resolving some common issues.


Setting Up And Calibration Of The Machine

Firstly, make sure that the machine is assembled correctly and calibrated. Particular setup instructions are provided in users’ manuals that should be followed. This calibration is essential because it ensures that labels are applied correctly; hence, various machine settings are adjusted to ensure they fit precisely to the dimensions of labels and containers.


Loading Labels

When loading labels into an automatic sticker labeling machine, one typically puts label rolls onto the reel holder of a device, passes the label web through a series of guides and rollers, and aligns it with the labeling head of M/C. For specific instructions, refer to the user manual again.


Parameter Adjustment

Adjust the machine parameters according to your will and wish. This can involve the length of the label, the space between labels, and speed labeling. Advanced machines might also have options for label position and orientation.


Common Issues Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting common issues primarily involves diagnosing and resolving operational problems such as misfeeds, incomplete labeling, or incorrect label placement. Fixing this might involve checking for label jams, recalibrating the sensor cleaning machine, or adjusting container guides.

Refer to your specific model’s user manual for detailed instructions and safety guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is An Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine?

A: An automatic sticker labeling machine is designed to automatically put stickers or labels on various products or containers without human intervention.

Q: What Are the Advantages of Using an Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine?

A: Increased efficiency, precise and accurate labeling, reduced labor costs, and improved productivity are among some benefits of using automatic sticker labeling machines.

Q: How Does An Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Work?

A: A product is received by an automatic sticker labeling machine; it may be a bottle or any other container. The container is then carried by a conveyor belt to which a sticker has been applied, after which pressure-sensitive adhesive is used to secure it.

Q: What Types Of Products Can An Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Label?

A: Bottles (among others), cases, cartons, cans, boxes, packages, etc., can all be labeled using an automatic sticker labeling machine.

Q: What Is A Round Bottle Labeling Machine?

A: This aspect refers to one type of automatic sticker labeling machine known as round bottle labeling machines.

Q: What Is A Label Applicator?

A: It applies tags to goods. It could be part of an automatic stick label device or a separate unit.

Q: Can An Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Handle Different Sizes And Shapes Of Bottles?

A: Yes! Many automatic sticker labeling machines will work with different bottle shapes, such as round, square, and flat ones.

Q: What Is A Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine?

A: If you utilize a semi-automatic label machine, you will need to intervene in the labeling process at some point. This commonly involves positioning the product or container by hand onto the machinery and turning on the labeler.

Q: What Is A Double-Sided Labeling Machine?

A: Double-sided labeling devices are automatic sticker labeling machines that simultaneously do both sides of a product or container.

Q: What Is A Flat Bottle Labeling Machine?

A: Another type of automatic sticker labeling machine is a flat bottle labeling machine, which applies stickers to flat bottles.

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