We are committed to providing our customers worldwide with integrated innovative solutions capable of fully meeting their demands for liquid filling&packaging production and storage in efficiency, reliability, flexibility and energy saving..

Raw water+ raw water tank+ raw water pump+ sand filter + carbon filter+ water softener ( optional) + security filter +high pressure pump+ reverse osmosis+ pure water tank + UV sterilizer (ozone generation)+ precision filter + water supply points

The production process of the carbonated beverage production line begins with the filtration of source water: source water pool→source water pump→multimedia filter→activated carbon filter→sodium ion filter→precision filter→RO reverse osmosis unit→ultraviolet germicidal lamp→finished water tank. Beverage blending: sugar pot→syrup filter→blending tank→duplex filter→chiller→plate heat exchanger→high power soda mixer→CO2 filter→finished beverage. Beverage packaging: bottle rinsing → isobaric filling machine → screw cap sealing or capping → warm bottle → drying → sleeve label → inkjet coding → film bag.

We supply quality PET Preform Injection Molding Machine and bottle blow molding machine, hot runner PET preform mold, pet resin dehumidifier, auto loader, hopper dryer, chiller, air compressor. you could get all of necessary equipments to start your PET preform and bottles production.

New high-quality pure water bottle sealing machine/mineral water rinsing filling capping 3-in-1 machine with CE, ISO This automatic rinsing, filling, and capping machine, could be applicable to quantitative filling and capping of drinking water, like mineral water, pure water. It has functioned as follows: Disinfectant rinse, aseptic water rinsing; automatically liquid filling tank, inlet material; feed bottles by air conveyor (or screw convey); automatically rinse, open valve and feed caps; not rinse, open valve and feed caps without bottles.

Hot melt glue labeling machine is a labeling machine equipment that can be used for full circle labeling. The cut label pattern is complete and does not deform; always end mesh gluing, which saves 50% of hot melt compared with foreign full spray gluing equipment; deviation correction ±0.05 (mm); upper and lower label heat shrinkable hoop tightness; overall The labeling surface is smooth, there is no dislocation of overlap, no leakage, no glue opening.

It is suitable for the packaging requirements of cargo storage, transportation, and mechanical loading and unloading operations. Widely use the packaging cost of products such as foreign trade export, food, and beverage, irrigation, paper making, dyes, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, machine Selectroforming, etc., improve production efficiency, and prevent damage of goods during handling, and play Dust, moisture and cleaning.

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