The 4 Main Types of Small Scale Bottle Filling Machine

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Small scale bottle filling machines come in several types, each designed to fulfill specific bottling needs in various industries. These compact and efficient units are perfect for small businesses looking to increase production without a massive capital investment. Let’s explore the four main types of small-scale bottle-filling machines.

1. Small Scale Bottle Filling Machine
For Drinking Water

Specific small-scale bottle-filling machines come into play when it comes to packing purified drinking water. These devices are created to maintain the purity and quality of water, ensuring no contaminants enter during the filling process.

2. For Carbonated Soft Drink

Carbonated soft drinks require a distinct type of small bottle-filling machine. These machines are designed to handle carbonation and ensure the beverage remains fizzy after bottling. They also minimize the exposure of the liquid to air, preventing the drink from going flat.

3. Filling for Edible Oil

Edible oil-filling machines are uniquely designed to manage the viscosity of oil. These small-scale machines ensure the oil is filled accurately into bottles without causing spills or waste. They also maintain the oil’s integrity, preventing oxidation or degradation during filling.

4. For Juice & Tea

Juice and tea filling machines are made to handle these delicate beverages, ensuring their taste and nutritional value are preserved. These machines utilize specific temperature controls to avoid degrading the product during bottling.

Classic Parameters of Small Scale Bottle Filling Machine

  • Speed: 3000BPH
  • Bottle size: 500ML
  • Working position: 12 filling, 5 capping
  • Filling accuracy: 0~1ml
  • Main Material: SUS304 or SS316L
  • Power: 1.5kw
  • Pressure of air source: 0.06~0.2MPa
  • Dimension: 2360×1770×2700 (LWH)
  • Weight: 2500kg
  • Usage: edible oil, sunflower oil
  • Certification: CE, ISO

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