UHT Milk Machine Uht Sterilizer Pasteurizer Uht With Two Types Plate And Tube

1.Pure Water Making System
2.Syrup melting system
3.Beverage flavor mixing system
4.Beverage series filtration
5.Cooling water system
6.Beverage carbonator
7.UHT for special raw materials
8.Filling packing production line

The production process of the carbonated beverage production line begins with the filtration of source water: source water pool→source water pump→multimedia filter→activated carbon filter→sodium ion filter→precision filter→RO reverse osmosis unit→ultraviolet germicidal lamp→finished water tank. Beverage blending: sugar pot→syrup filter→blending tank→duplex filter→chiller→plate heat exchanger→high power soda mixer→CO2 filter→finished beverage. Beverage packaging: bottle rinsing → isobaric filling machine → screw cap sealing or capping → warm bottle → drying → sleeve label → inkjet coding → film bag.

The production method of carbonated beverage production line can be divided into two types according to the type: primary mixing and secondary mixing. The primary mixing is suitable for relatively small output. Syrup and water are simultaneously pumped into the mixing tank through two pumps for mixing, and then filled with carbon dioxide. Beverage making mixing. Secondary mixing: water and sugar are poured into the storage tank through the beverage pump, water and syrup are injected into the final mixing tank through the pump of the mixer for stirring and mixing, and carbon dioxide is filled for mixing and filling. The higher the multiple of the carbonated beverage filling machine, the more the number of barrels in the mixer, and the corresponding increase in the number of water pumps used. The automatic liquid level can be directly viewed from the outside, and the carbonation tank is equipped with a coil and a refrigerant. In order to ensure that the contact time between carbon dioxide and purified water is sufficient, the carbon dioxide is charged before entering the carbonation tank. The carbonated material enters the filling machine and is quickly filled into the bottle.

The carbonated beverage production line refers to the gas-containing beverage formed by filling a certain amount of gas into the beverage. Such beverages can also be called “carbonated beverages” and “soda water”, which are used to make equipment for beverages, forming equipment for the production of carbonated beverages of the system. It is called: carbonated beverage production line. The basic process of beverage production is: the raw water is filtered, and then sterilized by ultraviolet light to form sterile water, and then the white sugar is dissolved and finely filtered to obtain syrup. Appropriate amount of syrup to form a preliminary drink. After the material is frozen by the refrigeration system, the temperature drops to 0-4 degrees Celsius. The cooled beverage enters the mixer and is mixed with CO2 to form a carbonated beverage. Through the beverage pump, it is directly imported into the filling machine for filling.

The carbonated beverages produced by the carbonated beverage production line are produced by blending. The equipment included in the production includes: the sugar boiler uses boilers to generate steam for heating, or the electric sugar boiler can also be used for sugar melting, which can be carried out continuously in a high-temperature environment. Stirring, if the sugar used is not pure enough, it needs to be filtered with a syrup filter to make the drink of high quality and good taste. The ingredients are added according to different orders of flavors and fragrances, various flavoring agents, and stabilizers.

Because gas-containing beverages contain a large amount of carbon dioxide, suitable for combining with beverages at a temperature of 0-4°C, carbon dioxide can achieve good solubility under such conditions. Currently adapted to the beverage freezing system is called: the cold water system. Also known as a chiller, a chiller is a machine that achieves refrigeration through vapor-compression or absorption cycles. These liquids can flow through the heat exchanger to cool the air or equipment. Vapor-compression chillers consist of four main components of the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle (compressor, evaporator, condenser, part in the form of a metering device), and these machines can implement different refrigerants. The refrigerant used in the absorption refrigerator and the city water benign silica gel as a desiccant. Absorption chillers use water as a refrigerant and rely on a strong affinity between water and lithium bromide solution to achieve refrigeration. If the beverage’s temperature is relatively high and needs to be cooled quickly, consider adding a plate exchanger to increase the heat dissipation area and contact speed through the heat dissipation fins.

Turnkey solution provider

Turnkey solution provider

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